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We are a manufacturer's representative and consulting company specializing in the automotive aftermarket industry. Established in 1982, Simmons & Associates is headquartered in the Chicago area and has worked with Sears Holdings and U.S. Auto Parts / JC Whitney for over 30 years representing major brands such as Thule, Purolator, Crown Automotive, EGR, Air Lift, Rancho, KC HiLites, etc...

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we don't just sell our products

we drive them

we don't just sell our products

we drive them

jeff's '94 jeep




data management


OUR history & vision

simmons & associates, inc…

What makes us tick

…has been in business for over 30 years. We are a second generation company with a solid track record of delivering results - quickly and consistently.


Simmons & Associates is structured for timely accountability at the individual and team level. We strive to provide time sensitive information to our manufacturers and accounts. We have experience working on the manufacturer side as well as the retail side, giving us

a distinct advantage in representing our manufacturer's best interest.

Our comprehensive business network gives us the right connections to meet your targets. We are passionate and knowledgeable about your product and marketing objectives.


We are involved in all aspects of these relationships; sales, marketing, e-commerce, merchandising and inventory replenishment. We have full capability using all the latest software programs utilized for catalog development including Quark and InDesign and we are proficient in all Adobe Creative Suite programs.

OUR standard


we also…

…assemble vendor product information and application data into useable formats for our customers. Integrity and structure of vendor product information is critical especially on the web. We complete the item create forms using our knowledge of how the information and attributes on these forms will appear in our customers systems, and especially on their websites.


…take vendor artwork and use it for both print and web media. We modify or enhance the vendor artwork to meet our customer’s minimum size requirements.


…handle all image and copy maintenance for our vendors - this includes taking care of any necessary site, image, and text revisions to ensure all information is correct and up-to-date.


…create print catalog layouts to account specifications using our expertise of all Adobe Creative Suite programs. We then consolidate all the finished material and information and deliver it to our customers via our document management system, email or ftp servers.


…handle the updating of quotes and application data if needed, plus submission of new part numbers with the appropriate buyer or product manager.

…design websites from the ground up. This includes all the coding and formatting specifically catered to our customer’s needs. Each site is designed to complement any existing image or look to keep the uniformity of the brand.  To see examples, please click HERE.


…work with the vendor and customers to suggest special programs that target unique marketing abilities. We will then create and design web ads to support those marketing programs to maximize sales and expand brand exposure.


…continually evaluate sales by sku to make appropriate changes in item classifications, i.e. stock or factory ship.


…have long-term and close relationships with the merchandising and marketing people for our customers. Our company has been working with Sears Holdings and US Auto / JC Whitney for nearly three decades.



Simply put, WE do more for you, so you have

less to worry about, and that’s our standard!

OUR team

major accounts

brands we represent

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data management

we understand…

…what a challenge it is for most manufacturers to supply quality product data to every one of their retailers in the various marketing channels they sell into.  Every retailer wants the product information in their specific format, whether it’s simple information such as UPC’s, weights and measures to the more customized product descriptions and application data.  We assist our manufacturers with assigning industry used part names and detailing their product attributes all of which improves their brands integrity as well as the improving our retail partners consumer experience both in the stores and on-line.


The structure of our brands product information is critical especially on the web, everything from key words, detailing what is included with the product, accurate vehicle fit and of course great images.  These elements are critical to selling the items on line and to keep returns to a minimum.


We handle the updating of quotes and application data if needed, plus submission of new part numbers and applications with the appropriate buyer or product manager. We continually evaluate sales by sku to make appropriate changes in item classifications, i.e. stock or factory ship.


Our accounts are becoming more and more accustomed to having information supplied immediately, and therefore when they call our office looking for information on one of our brands we can supply that information immediately.


We realized that sending large graphical files between team members and clients via email quickly got out of hand. Therefore we developed a simple log-in system where multiple users can upload and share files in one single location. Our website features a user friendly navigation where our team members and clients can sign in to their account to download and share files via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). This system allows our team members and clients to upload files which eliminates the hassle and delay of copying and transferring large files and images by more traditional delivery methods and allows instant retrieval of important time sensitive material.

Good marketing is good business.

Our strategy is simple…

…to design and develop effective marketing materials across various platforms. This means using industry standard software, such as the Adobe Creative Cloud family, to create visually appealing websites and brand stores as well as eye-catching, informative printed materials and displays (ie. flyers, brochures, catalog layouts, sell sheets, planograms, etc).



catalog Design

website development

We develop our online marketing with the viewer in mind. Websites are developed with each format in mind to optimize viewing experence whether it be on a tablet, desktop computer, or smartphone.


These websites, along with our company site, are created to engage and educate the viewer. We work with the vendor/client to get a basis for content, imagery, and copy. From there we do an initial design of the site, while keeping in constant contact with the vendor/client to ensure
our concepts meet their expectations. These sites feature detailed product information, brand identity, an expanded selection of product images, additional information on the company, FAQ's, installation videos and links to the brand’s other social media outlets (Facebook and Twitter). Samples of our work and capabilities can be clicked on below:

x-cargo carriers

rampage products

custom brand store & landing page development

We have designed brand stores that enhance the consumer's experience on our customer’s retail websites. This allows the brand to showcase additional content that can’t always be added to certain customer’s database or web structure.


Brand stores are micro websites within our larger client retail website that focus particualarly on a specific brand. Click on the examples below to see how these brand stores work hand-in-hand with the parent retail website:


Contact Us

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Simmons & Associates

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Mundelein, IL 60060


Office/Cell: (847) 702-2699




Website developed by Simmons & Associates © 2017

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